2 Great Social Media Tools

Screenshot_2014-04-27-18-22-34~2There are many great tools we use in social media but 2 I find to be useful and easy are TweetDeck and the everyday camera. TweetDeck is  a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. TweetDeck was launched in 2008 and aquired by Twitter in 2011. TweetDeck gives you a dashboard that organizes and displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter  accounts.  Originally TweetDeck  could also be used for sites such as Facebook, Myspace Foursquare, Google Buzz( discontinued 2011)and LinkedIn. In 2013 TweetDeck stopped supporting Facebook and stopped supporting the other social media sites in 2011.  If you are a business or a regular social media user who has multiple accounts TweetDeck is for you.

The camera is a great invention. It helps us capture stories with our photos and videos. These stories really needed when doing event blogging. Instagram and Snapchat are sites the picture-based so the camera would be a must.  On the sites Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIN  the camera is not need but it enhances the social media experience. I believe the camera is the most important tool in social media.  Without the camera it would be hard for people to know who exactly they are talking to. This is especially important when interacting on dating social media sites.  

Twitter is made extremely easier to manage with the help of numerous tools such as TweetDeek and Hootsuite but it also has other internal tools to help your efforts while on twitter.  2 internal tools I feel that are greatscoop for Twitter are the Twitter Advanced Search and Twitscoop. The Twitter Advanced Search option is the best way to narrow tweets about a targeted topic. Twitscoop lets you search and follow what’s buzzing on Twitter in real time.  Out of the two internal tools I like the Twitscoop best because it lets you see what multiple people are talking about in real-time and for me that real-time connection is feels more authentic.These are my thoughts on these tools, feel free to tell me what yours are or your opinion on Twitscoop, Twitter Advance Search, TweetDeck or  the camera.

For more on Social Media Tools these are a few sites to might get your interest:

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2 Responses to 2 Great Social Media Tools

  1. Thanks for telling us about TweetDeck. I like anything that helps with organization and there is so much on twitter, facebook and linkedin that having this tool sounds like the only thing that would help keep things straight and easier to use. I only used one social media account for so long, but now have ventured into other sites and it’s nice to know these tools exist to help the user. I loved your polldaddy inserts – can you explain how you embedded them in your post? Thanks!


  2. Eric Wolpert says:

    As someone who generally uses Facebook as their primary form of social media communication, I have a question for the masses! Are you friends with generally the same people on all of your social media accounts (besides LinkedIn) I would assume that most people have the same general reference group and if you are a friend on Facebook you end up following the same person on Twitter. So if you share across all media platforms, can’t it me considered redundant as your audience is the same?


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