Social Media in Event Production

Many Event Production Companies use YouTube to showcase their previous events just like how Heart of Dixie does for their Bubble Bobble Event

I remember when I got my start in event production as an interned a few years ago I was in charge of social media. Things are a lot different Myspace was the big social media on campus, Facebook was new and Twitter and Instagram wasn’t out to the public yet. Now we have plenty of social media platforms to promote our events.

Social media in event production is very important is used a lot. From promoting an event from my company to promoting a small get-together at my house social media is always a great outlet to promote from. Event Production companies use social media to update information to potential event goers of their event. Facebook and Twitter gives the potential event goers the opportunity to discuss the event with other event goers. These sites also give the production company the opportunity to showcase pricing, location and important people who will be attending the event.  It will also be important to put up pictures or videos of the event in the past or something promoting the event.


 Event Production companies like Live Nation and IMG use social media and this helped their event get notice. I’m constantly on the Live Nation sites seeing what’s new the company  and what events are coming soon in my area. These companies use a lot of pictures and videos in their sites.

Myspace is now a music-based social media website. When promoting your event on Myspace it should be an event like a concert, music performance or event with a musical performance artist present.

Eventbrite is a new website that is very helpful in setting up your event. Eventbrite is an online ticketing service that allows event organizers to plan, set up ticket sales and promote events. Eventbrite also publishes the event across Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from the site’s interface. Eventbrite also has a mobile application that helps you update your event and lets you search for events in your area or events coming to your area.


Something that seems like it should be common sense when promoting an event is sometimes left out when promoting on social media, even though it is the most important thing to remember. Don’t forget to list the LOCATION and TIME. 

I believe social media works well with event production and don’t see it changing anywhere in the future!!

The video at the bottom is explaining an easy way to promote your personal or corporate events by using social media.



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3 Responses to Social Media in Event Production

  1. It is amazing how fast technology changes. I know that when I’m buying tickets to an event, I always search online – like ticketmaster – rather than going to the actual place. the Internet has made things easier because you do most things right at home. Events using social media is the smartest way to get their info out there to everyone, immediately. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I really like the background of this blog.


  2. Brandon,
    Nice post. With social media constantly evolving and effecting the way event production companies promote their events, new tools will continue to be created to help people in your field to promote. Which of these tools have you found to be the least effective for you? Also, have you heard of an app called Timbre? I recently found out about it, but have yet to have time to familiarize myself with it.


  3. jacobhobrock says:


    I love the diversity in this post with the use of examples in written form, videos and polls. This post is spot-on as to what a live event post would be like. Brands of live production events often post videos of past events that were successful to give newcomers to their brand some insight of what to expect and if it would be worth their while to go to the upcoming event. Social media is an amazing way to build a brand. Obviously the first and most important thing is to bring the entertainment at the event and then use social media to show off your efforts. Great post.


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