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As I discussed in my blog last week Eventbrite is a new website that is very helpful in setting up your event. Eventbrite is an online ticketing service that allows event organizers to plan, set up ticket sales and promote events. To get my tickets for events I usually use Eventbrite or Stubhub.  With Stubhub I buy tickets for sporting events or concerts. With Eventbrite I would buy tickets for conferences or local events around my area.eventbrite-03

The Eventbrite app is free app that you can get from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Goggle Play for your phone, Ipad or Tablet.  while in the app you can explore popular events and customize your app to showcase events that interest you. When linked to social media you can see which events your friends are going to, and share events that you are going to or interested in potentially attending. This app also lets you keep track of all your tickets in one place, and add events to Calendar that you will be attending. Also when going to an event you will not need a paper ticket can just show  your ticket on the phone at entry to the event. 

Eventbrite has developed two applications that are primarily for the event organizers, they are  “Entry Manager” and “At The Door” . The mobile app, Entry Manager is available for both Iphone and Android but At The Door is only available on the IPAD. Entry Manager allows organizers to see the number of tickets sold to a particular event, the number in attendance, and offers several ways to check in the attendees. The mobile app also links back to the event organizer’s page on the Eventbrite website. This provides post-event details and an attendee summary report letting the organizer know exactly how much people can to event and how much revenue was made throughout the event. The At The Door app allows the event organizer to check in attendees, as well as purchase tickets and process credit cards on-site only by an IPAD.

There is almost no competition in other event production apps but in the ticket purchasing department Eventbrite is behind Stubhub which tops the online buying and selling of tickets. The European Eventbrite site and mobile app may have some competition in Europe with Billetto. Billetto has more of an emphasis on event discovery. Billetto was only launched in January so Eventbrite may soon have some major competition in Europe.

Eventbrite recently started integration with WordPress to publish companies’ blogs or manage their content. This integration will help event organizers to automatically sync their upcoming events to an events calendar, highlight featured events in their WordPress blog. Event organizers can also sync the Eventbrite widget in the blog and buy tickets for the events through the WordPress blog. You can access the blog in the mobile app or online on your computer.

Eventbrite has received many awards throughout its 8 years in operation. Some awards include the Small Business Commerce Association 2009 Best of Business prize (Internet category) and the Bay Area “Best Place to Work.

Check out Eventbrite’s 2013 end of year review below, which showcase the number of app users, tickets sales and other highlights from the company


I recommend you all try Eventbrite or the Eventbrite app. Check it out and tell me what you think!


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One Response to Event Mobile Apps: Eventbrite

  1. This is a very informative post on Eventbrite. The #1 thing I like about it, is that it’s free. I wonder if that will ever change and they’ll start to charge people who want to set up events. It sounds like “entry manager” and “at the door” are crucial for this business.


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