Best Practices for Event Blogging


Here are a few best practices in event blogging that are very important in promoting your blog.

Promoting the blog, promotes the Event: Once you have created the content for your blog, promote it by sharing on all your social networks sites such as Facebook, Twitter,and if it is a music event Myspace. Emailing a link to the blog to friends and colleagues can help with the promotion of the blog as well by allowing them to post your blog on their social media sites. This can add large amounts of foot traffic to your blog and potential event goers to your event.

Eye-catching headlines:Having a great headline is a must when event blogging but also when blogging in general. you have to make sure you have a title that catches the eye of the reader and makes them want to see what the blog is about. The headline will be used to promote your blog on other social media platforms.

Other blogs: Being familiar with other blog sites in your industry is very important. It can keep you up to date with new innovations in event production and also helps you get your name out to other event bloggers in the industry. This also lets you get a chance to promote your blog on their blog while commenting on their post or allowing them to follow your blog.

Engaging in conversation on social media :It is important not only promote your blog or social media site but also participate in conversations on the site. Answering questions to followers questions and developing a personal connection with yours followers  is great because it makes the follower feel like your blog actually has their interest at heart.  Also having conversations on other sites makes their followers interested in you and can help you get more followers for your site.

Great Visuals: In event blogging visuals are very important because it gives a face to the event itself. Pictures or videos of previous events can be placed on the blog to show what the event is all about. Also having pictures of celebrities and people who will be speaking at the event will attract interest to the event and blog.

Links: Links are great in event blogging because it can establish credibility to your post. Links also provide you with sources related to the event your are promoting, for example the actual event website or social media sites related to the event.

There are many other best practices in blogging but in Event blogging but I feel the most important practice is continuously promoting your blog. Just look at the below and see what happens when he followed these practices!


Find more resources at those links or in these books :


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